Thursday, May 29, 2008

What would the world be like if......

....Lord of the Rings fans were in charge?

Like this:

Monday, May 19, 2008

Garden Birthday Tea Party

Gracie turned 10 and we celebrated her day with a Garden Tea Party. What a fun time! Friends were met at the door by four professional servers, and led to a sitting room, where they chatted like proper ladies. A few at a time decorated pretty hats and then they played Pin the Bee/Butterfly on the Blossom. Soon tea and dainties were served. But, alas, the ladies began to melt. The heat was just too much! So we transfered the outdoor tea party to an indoor picnic. Good thing, too, because one of the young maidens was feeling a bit under the weather, and spend almost the entire time on the couch. (Just see if you can guess who was missing at the can find her under the blue blanket on the couch...dear girl!) Later we enjoyed a tea party relay and then some sweet treats. Gracie and all agreed; it was a pleasant time!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Burning up the sewing machine

Not literally...but it is getting a workout! Fnally, I've been sewing steadily again. And it seems that when I get that machine out and keep it out, the projects multiply! YIKES!

I frequently whip up something here or there, but lately I've had specific things in mind to make. I want to make bags for us to use when we go on nature walks, kind of a haversack styled bag. It'll need to hold our nature journals, colored pencils, a water bottle, bug spray, keys/cell phone and the ever-important chapstick (Burt's Bees!), among other things. I've started one for myself using one of the kids' old denim skirts, and I have lots of denim and twill that I've saved from older clothing. It's my trial bag, so if it goes well, I'll whip up a few more for the girls.

The previous post showed the red dress I finally completed for Emmy Xiang. It was started back before we went to China, but alas, I ran out of time. I was disappointed then, but on the day we met her, since she wanted nothing to do with the doll (with the matching dress) I was reminded of God's sovereignty once again! Thankfully, her rejection of the doll didn't offended me (as it should not have!), and I was thrilled she was responding so well to her new family. When we got home I stashed the doll away to give to her later...once the matching dress was finished. Turned out to be a good plan! She loved it when she saw it, and even enjoys the doll on occassion (Pooh still wins out everytime....maybe I should make Pooh a dress. Hmmmm).

I have her quilt *mostly* done. I'm hoping to finish it soon. It lacks only the individual blocks sewn together - and then it will be complete! I quilted each block by sewing on the dots (which are circles of those yummy fabrics our wonderful friends and family sent with their best wishes and prayers for Emmy Xiang). What a joy it has been to sew it together, being reminded of the people that God has placed in our lives. It is evidence of God's grace to us, and to Emmy Xiang. Whent the quilt's done, you can be sure that I'll post a picture!

The Pooch has been the recipient of two projects...she wanted a diaper bag for her baby dolls (I love how it turned and green, with a nursery rhyme toile and rose bud, gingham and other pretty fabric. She asked for a new dress. I didn't have a pattern that I liked, so I made it up as I went. Honestly, I'm not thrilled with he result, but she is....and that's what matters most! It's in the dirty clothes (she wore it two days in a row!), so I don't have a picture yet. I plan to make a new one for her, with a style that will look a bit nicer on her....gotta find some more material! That's the hard part.

The older two want new dresses, and we've purchased pretty fabric and a modest sundress pattern (hard to find!) that is quite attractive. I've cut the Elf's, but Ladybug wants to make her own. Soon I'll get to those...because I've scheduled into our summer routine much sewing time.

Now I'll show one of the two adorable outfits I made for EX. I found some white batiste in the remnant bin at Walmart the other day, so I made a sweet slip/dress with little pin tucks on the bodice. I'll attempt more like that another time. Last night, though, I finished a sweet little yellow dress with matching bloomers (got this incredibly lightweight fabric off the dollar rack at Walmart!). After hearning my lament for bloomers for EX - she's a sweet girl, but often doesn't sit like a lady - my friend lent me a pattern for little girls. It made a camisole and pantaloons, as well as a historic civil war era dress. I modified the camisole and pantaloons to make a sundress with bloomers for EX. Lord willing, I'm definitely making more of these. Of course they'll all be a bit different. It's hard for me to make the same thing twice!

Enjoy the pictures. EX just loves her "yellow" dress!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Heritage Museam 5k and Kids Mile

A few weekends ago, Ladybug and Jay participated in a local race. Ladybug ran in the annual 5k (3.1 miles) and Jay ran in the mile (which got a little messed up). Jay ran a world record time in the mile and Ladybug ran a 23:12 (which isn't far off from her record in Cross Country). During the run, Bee, Holly, and others were at the State meet in Orlando. Every few minutes Ladybug was on the phone finding out how things were going there! It was a fun time all around! Here are some pictures of the event! Hope you enjoy!