Friday, September 28, 2007

A New Picture of Emmy Xiang???

I was reading emails yesterday when I came across this one from a "friend" on the yahoogroup I belong to concerning kids adopted from Shantou. This sweet gal is either on staff with or volunteers with Love Without Boundaries, the organization that provides Foster Care, nutrition, education, etc. The email read:

We got in foster care reports today for the kids in Shantou and I had to share the one on the homepage because it made me laugh so hard with the speaker size. Now that's a foster mom and dad who must LOVE music! :-) Wonder if there is a 50 inch plasma screen TV on the other side of that room? :-) Thanks to everyone who sponsors a child into foster care. The kids are absolutely thriving and the reports were great.

When I read it, I had a weird feeling. So I clicked over to the actual page to see this picture. I was amazed to see our Emmy....It just HAS to be her....

Check it out this slide show of the pictures we have of Emmy Xiang. The last one is the "new" one. What do YOU think???

God is so kind to have blessed me in such a big way.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I am happy to admit that my younger sister has officially beat me (3 times) in a Cross Country meet. We have had two official meets so far this year. Ladybug and I have both won some medals and Ladybug, who is only in 6th grade, won her's in a high school race. She has become quite the runner and is rapidly moving up on the team. I have just been hanging in there (Cross Country is not what you'd call my thing! :) Hope you enjoy the slide show. The pics are from our first meet.

Oh! Almost forgot to add that Mom has run a mile twice! This a big accomplishment and she has diligently awakened early to exercise every morning! Awesome job, Mom! Love you. Let's see one and a half to two by birthday time!