Friday, June 19, 2009

"Then" again....

....that is, the early 80's and some.

Last night Jim took me on a another town (2 1/2 hours away), to another time (was it the 70s or the 80s?). He surprised me with perfume, a road trip, dinner and a rock concert. We, along with dear friends, "were rock-in in-to the night" with 38 Special, REO Speedwagon and Styx. It was a long afternoon/evening, but we had fun listening to bands we enjoyed as kids. Funny, when I "go back" in time, it always makes me so grateful for just where God has brought me.

I repeat: I like now.

And as our friends so aptly put it,  "When we woke up this morning, we felt like we'd been run over by a speedwagon full of 38 specials and styx!"

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back then....and now.

This weekend we traveled home for my 20th year high school reunion. What fun! Enjoy some "then...and now" pictures!

Okay, so laugh now. We were the Demons. I know. That is hard for a Christian to reconcile. Still, the mascot comes from the formal name of our school, "Florida State University Demonstrative Research School," which we lovingly called Florida High School. However, now, the name has changed to Florida State University School, the school mascot no longer carries the evil connotation of being Demons (now Seminoles, or Baby lame), and, to boot, the school grounds as we knew it no longer even exists! It is now the FSU School of Medicine! ARGH!

We had a nice turn out...what fun to see old classmates! Almost half of our "89 in '89" graduates attended one or both evenings.

Me, then...

...and now.

My best friend (since 4th grade), Sheila and I...then...

...and now.

My dear friend (and sorority sister), Heather and I...then...

...and now.

Sheila, Noel and I then....

...and now.

Casy, Sheila, Anne-Marie and I then....

...and now.

I like now.