Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mom's mistake

ElvenMaiden here. I'm writing to let ya'll know that Mom made a mistake. We are excited to bring home our Mei Mei, but Mei Mei means little sister. Sorry for the confusion! But really do pray for passports!


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pray 4 Passports, please

We have no new information about our girl, but the closer we get to those dog days of summer, we're beginning to sweat! Yes, it is already hot here on the Gulf Coast, but the temperature outside isn't quite the heat I mean.

Shortly after we "met" our newest daughter, we took the three older girls in to the local Clerk of Court office to apply for their passports, so they can come to China to bring home their mei mei (big sister in Chinese). At that time the wait was about 10-12 weeks. YIKES! We could be close to traveling to China then! The kind lady assisting us wrote down late July for our travel dates, hoping that would "speed up" our process. Once our agency asks us to download our travel information (TP2), we'll need the girls' passports in enough time to apply for our visas to enter China. As I've been watching our adoption cyber-friends' journeys, it has occurred to me that we could get that coveted TP2 any time now...but maybe not for many weeks. We just don't know.

So, we are asking for our friends to pray that the passports would be in our mailbox unexpectedly quick. At least, before we need them! Will you join us?

Even so, we do trust that, as He has promised AND proven time and again, God's perfect timing is best. How awesome is it to rest in that?!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Emerald's Escape and the Beach

ElvenMaiden here again! I am wrting about some of the cool things that we did while the Whites were here. First I will introduce them:

Pa White, Ma White........................and Eli



These boys are practically brothers to us Brown girls. When they lived here, we homeschooled with them (and two other awesome families). These families did a whole lot together, and still do when the Whites come back to visit. Lately, the kids of these four families, plus one more family from church, made a movie called Emerald's Escape 2. It is about a royal family who goes through MANY adventures trying to keep the throne out of the hands of their evil cousins! Here are some of the highlights from our filming adventure!

The cast and crew (excepting The Empress!)

Movie blood!

The two princesses!

Evil Edward!

Uhhhhh....Don't Ask!

And the other highlight of the White's visit was the many trips to the beach. Here are some pics.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A new photo of...

our daughter, Xiang Xiang.

We requested and received this photo of the "finding ad" of Xiang Xiang. I'm not sure of exactly how the system works, but I believe the childrens' photos are posted in newspapers to give the family a chance to claim the children. Once so long has past, the children are deemed orphans and are available for adoption. This photograph is such a treasure for us since it is probably the earliest photograph we will ever have of her.

Isn't she just gorgeous? We can't wait to bring her home! We pray that she continues to be loved and cared for until we meet her face to face.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Whites Are Here...

Dear All,

This is ElvenMaiden wiriting to let ya'll know that we ARE still alive! We are having a hectic 2 weeks. Our good friends, the Whites, have come in town and we are busy! Us girls are in a film that us and our friends are producing and starring in. That is the big news of the time. We will post more after this time is over!


Monday, June 4, 2007

Love Without Boundaries

I was browsing the Love Without Boundaries website today and imagine my surprise to see a photo of our precious china princess!

Xiang Xiang is in the LWB Foster Care Program in Shantou, China. She and other Shantou kids are needing more sponsorships to fund the program there. We gladly requested to sponsor Xiang Xiang (who is called "Shelby" on the LWB site). What an awesome opprotunity we have to immediately begin to care for her...even now, while she is IN china we can help provide food, medical care and the love of a family. We thank God everyday for that special man and woman, her Foster father and mother, who are entrusted to care for her in our stead. Also, we continue to thank the gracious people who have been her sponsors even before we knew her.

In looking at pictures and reviewing medical reports of Xiang Xiang, we would agree that she is quite healthy, and is receiving great care. Previous to entering the LWB Foster Care program, she was considered developmentally delayed, and even a failure to thrive child. She did not do well in the orphanage setting, but once established in her foster home, she was quite the butterfly. A true miracle from God...a metamorphosis! She gained weight and has progressed rapidly. Above all, she has learned to love and trust. We pray that this will serve her and help her transition from this loving environment to a new loving environment and waiting family. We can only give the credit to God and to the LWB Foster Care Program...and especially that family caring for her.

It is our prayer that YOU too would consider sponsoring another child needing sponsorship in LWB foster care program. Check out the LWB site: and click on Foster Care. While you're on the site, check out their blog (another tab on that side menu). I still don't know a whole lot about the organization, but I am extremely impressed with their work in what I've read so far. Their motto is "Every child counts" and the people who volunteer with LWB truly love those kids! What a way to honor God by caring for these orphans!

Thank you, LWB, for your awesome program that has nutured our daughter. We can't wait to bring her home. Lord, keep her well and prepare her heart to hear the gospel of Your Son!

Friday, June 1, 2007

100 Good Wishes Quilt

Mom's busy, so I (the Elfin Maiden) thought I'd let you in on what we've begun.

We, Ladybug, Pooch and I, are creating a “100 Good Wishes Quilt” for our new sister, Xiang Xiang. To welcome and celebrate new life, there is a tradition in Northern China to make a Bai Jie Bei or a 100 Good Wishes Quilt. The custom is to invite 100 (or more) people to contribute a single square of fabric with a wish or prayer. The fabrics are then sewn together into a quilt. We love this idea of welcoming Xiang Xiang into our home with a quilt that represents the good wishes from our family and friends. So I invite you, as a cyberfriend, to join in on the fun.

Here’s how we'll make it work, for the online crowd: Add a comment to this post that includes your wish or prayer and we'll print it out. Then we'll select a fabric that best represents the wish. Your wish can be deep and thought-provoking or something as simple and fun as a wish for a lifetime of great hair days! Scripture, poems, quotes, bits of advice or song lyrics work great. Check out this cool blog that shows another family's wishes and fabrics. We'll try to add some photos as we begin collecting fabrics.

We would like to start sewing in July, so if you could please send in your wishes BEFORE June ends! Your thoughtfulness, time, good wishes, and prayers mean so much to us. We know that it will mean just as much to Xiang Xiang. Thanks so much for your prayers!