Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cricket, cricket, part 3

Jane Ellen's been busy, too. Between her college classes, recreational league soccer, high school soccer and regular old school/home stuff, we've had no time for photos. (Not yet, anyway).
There have been family "events": like the Crossway Community Church Family Fun Day, complete with Chicken Pilau (pronounced Chicken Per-low, for those of you not from 'round here in North Florida), the acquisition of a new "Buzz" (as Emmy Xiang calls our new '75 Super Beetle that is too cute), and lots of sewing (mom) for a Southern Ball (all of us). The girls do a much better job than me of keeping up. But, here are a few pics to enjoy:

As a result of all this craziness, Emmy Xiang has taken to bouncing off the walls....though last Friday she didn't bounce very well. Instead, as mom aways warns, she "busted her head" on the hearth. So now we lovingly call her "Glue-Head."

I think we're caught up now.

Cricket, cricket, part 2

Katie enjoyed a full season of Cross County, but at the middle school level (running 2 miles instead of what she was used to, namely running the 5K). Surprisingly, she had a blast getting to know some really fun girls, and she's planning to run track season, too. She did an excellent job, finishing 14th in the county, and ran her PR in the last race (13:32). Who knew that she'd enjoy it so much?

Cricket, cricket....

....as Jim would say when it's been exceptionally quiet.

There have been many blog posts in my head. Alas, the hard part has been finding the time to actually sit down and write them out, maybe adding a picture for interest.

So here is a wrap up of the last little while (especially for the family who misses seeing the kids):

Gracie enjoyed a fun season playing volleyball. It was a great time of dedication to a team, to working out (new for her), learning new skills and making new friends. Enjoy a few shots of her in the uniform:

Friday, November 6, 2009