Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday with the Whites

Originally, Dad and his fellowship group were planning to attend a PA Sovereign Grace church. But due to unforeseen circumstances, that didn't work out. But it didn't stop us from driving the hour and a half to spend our Sunday at the Whites' new church plant and the afternoon at their home. Of course a child-only outing was required... What does that involve?

Getting in the car, for a start. And dealing with random people's feet in random places... 

... and rather loud music.

At Katie's insistence, there's a goofy picture. (Am I the only one who sense a grey overload just looking at this picture?)

All for what? Six McDonald's Shamrock Milkshakes, which we all agreed aren't that fantastic.

When we get back home we're hounded by paparazzi for a (good) picture.

And sometimes, it takes a little while to get it...

We love having our brothers closer to us. :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friends and Spies and Presidents...

Oh, my.

We joined our dear Suarez family for an excursion into Washington D.C. Taking advantage of a handy-dandy Groupon, we went to the International Spy Museum. It proved to be a fabulous museum with interesting facts and fun activities. We highly recommend it (with the Groupon, that is). :)

Then we spent the rest of the afternoon with a few of these somber looking gentlemen in the National Gallery of American Art and Portraiture. Let me tell ya, people: the D.C. never gets old. Where else can you enjoy such masterpieces for free? Anyways, a trip back to the Portrait Museum is definitely in order as we had time only to visit the presidents' gallery. Anyone want to join us?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentine's Day and Dad's Birthday

The Pastor's College staff knows how to treat their students and students' wives right. In honor of Valentine's Day, the couples attended a Sweetheart Banquet featuring a delicious meal, fantastic music, and sweet fellowship.

Well, that's what they say, at least... ;-)

A few days later we celebrated the holiday of love on our own featuring more delicious food!

And, of course, Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without our traditional chocolate decadence cake with raspberry sauce and fresh whipped cream. Oh. My. Word.

Following close on the heels of Valentine's Day is Daddy's birthday. Due to his hectic school schedule, we kept it a family occasion. What did he ask for? Hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and a yellow cake with chocolate ice cream. We children were happy to oblige! Monopoly Deal was also in order.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Life in Community

It's dinner plans that turn into (very) late night plans.

It's surprise care packages overflowing with sweet gifts.

It's random meals at the mall's food court,

And reading fun stories at the interim library.

It's babysitting double-digits worth of children.

It's playing so hard that you just can't stay awake.

It's sweet baby kisses and snuggles and giggles.

It's community. PC style.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Day in D.C.

We started our day with a quick stop at some monuments. Mama and the three older girls hopped out of the van intending to see the World War II memorial and to look up our great grandfather who fought in it. However, 8:00 in the morning is apparently too early a time to do that, so we'll have to come back. 

Our old friend Mr. Lincoln was out on his porch just across the park, so we headed that way to say hello and listen to his fascinating conversation.

Next stop was a tour of the Capitol building. Well, more precisely it was a tour of one third of the Capitol building. We got to see the center section on the tour, including the awe-inspiring rotunda.  

Beneath the incredible dome, is this circular room featuring magnificent paintings of great moments in American history.

This room was very interesting. Originally it served as the room where Congress gathered for joint meetings; however, the arched shape of the ceiling creates some wild acoustics that quickly required a switch. Now this acts as a foyer area housing statues of important, innovative men from each state. We thought it highly fitting that the figure from Florida was the father of air conditioning -- he deserves every honor he can get!

After seeing the center of the Capitol, we went to our respective state representatives' offices to receive admission to the House's chamber. And then we splurged on buying over-priced, but very yummy museum food. Their incredibly fresh salad bar was just too much to resist!

Next stop was the Library of Congress. We expected a lot of books and of course that great room that everyone thinks of when the Library is mentioned. However, we had absolutely no idea what else was awaiting us; what a treat! We wandered through room after room of this majestic marble and painted foyers.

In between certain archways were these paintings and bookish quotations. Most of the quotations were spot on, while a few were ... eh ... not. Just a wee bit of humanism. :)

As we wandered about (with our mouths open, of course) the Library of Congress, we saw the most picturesque dusting of snow fall out the windows. Once we finished there, we visited the National Archives and learned all about the significance of careful documentation. Finally, we went home by way of Georgetown.

Though we were all thoroughly exhausted by the end, our outing to D.C. was fantastic. *sigh* Time is flying so quickly! There's just too much to behold!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Happenings

We spent some time in Washington D.C. with the dear Hoffmans, touring the Capitol, the Library of Congress, and the National Archives. On our way home, we also enjoyed a scenic tour of Georgetown (led by our the fabulous tour-guide, George) amidst the sprinkling of snow!

And Emmy Xiang won a bet that she could walk all the way around the house barefooted in the snow (which, may I add, was frozen over with a thick layer of ice). She did. And Katie and Jane Ellen are two dollars poorer. :)

Emmy Xiang's also enjoyed some time with her friends from PC. Kendall, Caroline, Lucy, and Emmy are adorable chums, aren't they?

Be not alarmed, however. She loves her older friends, too. They get multiple outings when the weather's nice! ;-)