Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Visit with Dear Friends

To begin, this is our 100th post!!! Yipee!

We had dear friends come into town from Penn's Woods for 2 weeks. It was a fun-filled time (not to mention busy!!). Here are a few highlights of the time.

Being that we are ardent acting lovers, and having to fulfill a White family visit tradition, SJ revised/condensced a movie script of Stevo's and we filmed it. The film, called Pellington Park is about a group of modern-day children who begin a "very sophisticated" dress-up game of the Revolutionary War. We all had so much fun acting in it. Pellington Park is the 3rd movie we written, developed, acted in and filmed with our dear friends. Enjoy a few pictures of the "making-of."

We also had a Film Festival while they were here. Pellington Park wasn't edited in time, but we were able to watch some other creations. Bee, SJ, MJ, Stevo and Eli all directed some (Mom's opionion - "quite creative") films that we acted in. From the FBI to the Wild West, Civil War to Music Videos....we had it all on the big screen....literally. Here's another slide show!

Finally, we got to visit our most favorite historical dress-up site ever...Mission San Luis! The day it was officially decided we would go we made a quick (but professional) trip to Bargain Box (the best place for bargain clothing, to be transformed into elaborate historical costume) and whipped up some costumes for the White boys and Emmy Xiang (none of which had ever been to the Mission). The next morning found us driving in the Homeschool Express (15 passenger van) and the Green Car (a big suburban) to Tallahassee. We were so happy to see some of our favorite historical interpreters, as well as meet some new folks. We especially enjoyed the fort soldiers "playing along" with our games. While the boys defended the fort, the girls weeded the beautiful vegetable garden. Here are a ton of pictures of that!

The moms got to enjoy time together chatting and chatting, and the parents all went out for a lovely supper....meanwhile, all of the kids planned for the next visit....

We miss ya'll soooo much and can't wait till next year, Whites! Love, Us


Saturday, June 21, 2008

What do you do in a house full of girls???.....

HAIRDO'S! Check a few of these out!



Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Has it been....

six months already? Or I might say, has it only been six months?!? It seems like she's always been with us.

Still, six months ago today, Emmy Xiang officially became a Brown. We are so grateful to God for this blessing.

How kind of Him to give us four precious daughters...we simply don't deserve it.

Happy 6 months, Emmy Xiang!

Love, Mommy and the rest of the family