Monday, January 24, 2011

The Last Picture

After his surgery, our sweet puppy had a seizure that was just too much for his worn-out body. Our evening was darkened by his missing presence. Now, even months later, we still expect to see him when we walk into the house, look for the water he dripped on the floor, and listen for his heavy breathing as he sprawled on the floor.

We love you, dear Hank. Love, love, love you!

Surgery? Again?

For the third time in a year our someone is getting surgery. "Who this time?" you're asking yourself. Let me give you a few hints. Big, black, furry. Yup, our dear, darling Puppy is having surgery. Most of you know that Hank has a big fatty tumor on his chest. He went to the vet on Friday and he said that there is no way that it is a fatty tumor. All they know is that it is NOT a fatty tumor. He said that the tumor is growing too fast to be one. If it does not go it will kill Hank. Today at noon he is having it removed. He was not allowed to eat after 6 PM and will not be able to drink after 11 AM. Please pray that it will go smoothly and he will do better.

Friday, January 14, 2011

This is What Happens...

when you let a few of us loose at a library book sale: 100+ books for $75. That's what I'm talkin' bout.

Of course, it's exhausting work -- even for Hank. Actually they're worn out from a Cross Country meet early that morning, but who's to know? :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Vacation: Chapter 2

A Day in the Life of the Vacationers

Wake up in the morning and have some hot chocolate/tea/coffee...
...while listening to the sound of sizzling bacon...
...and enjoying this view from the kitchen window.
By 10:00 or so in the morning, all three families would gather up to throw a few snowballs...
...perhaps make a snowman or two (or three)...
...then go over the day's plans for hiking.
Before long, we had hit the trails, and if feeling adventurous, we sometimes even would go exploring, "making our own trails."
If anyone ever became thirsty, there were two remedies: 1) fill up your water bottle at the nearest stream/river/waterfall (no kidding-- this is by far the best tasting water on the earth!), or 2) do as the below photo depicts
Both are great options.
Laurel Falls
Dad at Laurel Falls
Katie and Katrina playing with huge icicles from the waterfalls along the hiking trails
Popsicle, anyone?
We all had a blast climbing all over lots of huge rock formations like the one above. There aren't rocks anything like this in FL, so we all tok much delight in exploring them on our hikes!
Each evening we'd choose a different family's cabin in which to have supper. Following the meal and clean up, we'd father around the cozy fire to sing songs which praised God for the birth of our Savior, then we'd pull out the pillows and blankets for a movie and popcorn.
Lastly, we'd all say good night... and then wake up the next morning, eager to do it all over again!

Vacation: Chapter One

The morning after Christmas found our family on the road with our dear friends heading to our vacation destination, Desoto State Park, in Ft. Payne, Alabama. Originally, only one family had planned to join us, but on Christmas day the Js packed their bags in a flurry, and decided to come along. It was a lovely last-minute surprise!
We've been anticipating this vacation for a couple of months now, so when the time finally came, we couldn't wait to enjoy a week of almost nothing but hiking-- all day, every day! And that's a basic summary of what we did!
We Floridians were thrilled to be greeted by "lots" of snow upon arriving at our cozy little cabins. It melted a tiny bit each day, but we were able to enjoy it almost the entire duration of our stay.
Jane Ellen and Mom
All the girls
On Sunday night we had a great time playing around in the falling snow. Some of us had a big snowball fight...
...while others just tried to stay warm.

Stay tuned for Chapter 2: A Day in the Life of the Vacationers