Monday, April 9, 2012

Auto Train Adventure

Easter brunch was brief, I mentioned, but I never said why. Well, we had an appointment to visit Florida via the Amtrak Auto Train. After inhaling our banana pudding, we hoped in the car and headed south for Lorton, VA.

We boarded the train at 4:00, and off we went!

A delicious supper was at 5:00 in the dining car...

And lots of laughter was found there, too. :)

Oh, and chicken.

And a little more laughter.

Then we walked over to the lounge car for a round of Bhonanza, also known as the Bean Game. Only one round, mind you, 'cause by the end we were all ready for some sleep. (Not that there was a lot of that, either.)

And by sunrise next morning, there it was: Florida. Good to be back.

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