Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back Home for A Bit

So obviously, keeping up with this blog is not high up on the priority list. Well, actually it is; we're just not very good at accomplishing things according to the priority list. And, well, life is crazy. Hopefully we can get caught up to the present. So, buckle your seat-belts.

After our quick visits with family, we hopped across the Panhandle to visit home for the weekend before heading back to Maryland. We spent time catching up with friends at the beach and with sleepovers!

Since our departure, five babies had arrived in town, so we had the joy of holding and hugging them as much as we could during those three days.

All in all, the weekend was full of smiling faces and sweet reunions.

We left refreshed for our last few months in Maryland, but more ready than ever to return!

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