Friday, June 1, 2007

100 Good Wishes Quilt

Mom's busy, so I (the Elfin Maiden) thought I'd let you in on what we've begun.

We, Ladybug, Pooch and I, are creating a “100 Good Wishes Quilt” for our new sister, Xiang Xiang. To welcome and celebrate new life, there is a tradition in Northern China to make a Bai Jie Bei or a 100 Good Wishes Quilt. The custom is to invite 100 (or more) people to contribute a single square of fabric with a wish or prayer. The fabrics are then sewn together into a quilt. We love this idea of welcoming Xiang Xiang into our home with a quilt that represents the good wishes from our family and friends. So I invite you, as a cyberfriend, to join in on the fun.

Here’s how we'll make it work, for the online crowd: Add a comment to this post that includes your wish or prayer and we'll print it out. Then we'll select a fabric that best represents the wish. Your wish can be deep and thought-provoking or something as simple and fun as a wish for a lifetime of great hair days! Scripture, poems, quotes, bits of advice or song lyrics work great. Check out this cool blog that shows another family's wishes and fabrics. We'll try to add some photos as we begin collecting fabrics.

We would like to start sewing in July, so if you could please send in your wishes BEFORE June ends! Your thoughtfulness, time, good wishes, and prayers mean so much to us. We know that it will mean just as much to Xiang Xiang. Thanks so much for your prayers!



Brandi said...

What a great idea!!!!! You girls are so crafty!!

lisa b:) said...

THANKS so much for the note Sunday to invite me to do this! I WILL get you something by the end of June! :) GREAT Brown Ladies are always so creative! And I think "a lifetime of good hair days" is a pretty nice wish myself!! :)

jessid33 said...

I would like to say that this is a neat gift that I'm sure she will cherish. :) I'm not sure what pattern I should go with though. Any suggestions from the Elfin maiden? Or from any of you?

lisa b :) said...

After reading Jess's post I am thinking she and I need to give the Princess a proper introduction to THE GATORS!!!!!! :) You know we have Gator Material!