Monday, June 4, 2007

Love Without Boundaries

I was browsing the Love Without Boundaries website today and imagine my surprise to see a photo of our precious china princess!

Xiang Xiang is in the LWB Foster Care Program in Shantou, China. She and other Shantou kids are needing more sponsorships to fund the program there. We gladly requested to sponsor Xiang Xiang (who is called "Shelby" on the LWB site). What an awesome opprotunity we have to immediately begin to care for her...even now, while she is IN china we can help provide food, medical care and the love of a family. We thank God everyday for that special man and woman, her Foster father and mother, who are entrusted to care for her in our stead. Also, we continue to thank the gracious people who have been her sponsors even before we knew her.

In looking at pictures and reviewing medical reports of Xiang Xiang, we would agree that she is quite healthy, and is receiving great care. Previous to entering the LWB Foster Care program, she was considered developmentally delayed, and even a failure to thrive child. She did not do well in the orphanage setting, but once established in her foster home, she was quite the butterfly. A true miracle from God...a metamorphosis! She gained weight and has progressed rapidly. Above all, she has learned to love and trust. We pray that this will serve her and help her transition from this loving environment to a new loving environment and waiting family. We can only give the credit to God and to the LWB Foster Care Program...and especially that family caring for her.

It is our prayer that YOU too would consider sponsoring another child needing sponsorship in LWB foster care program. Check out the LWB site: and click on Foster Care. While you're on the site, check out their blog (another tab on that side menu). I still don't know a whole lot about the organization, but I am extremely impressed with their work in what I've read so far. Their motto is "Every child counts" and the people who volunteer with LWB truly love those kids! What a way to honor God by caring for these orphans!

Thank you, LWB, for your awesome program that has nutured our daughter. We can't wait to bring her home. Lord, keep her well and prepare her heart to hear the gospel of Your Son!

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