Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pray 4 Passports, please

We have no new information about our girl, but the closer we get to those dog days of summer, we're beginning to sweat! Yes, it is already hot here on the Gulf Coast, but the temperature outside isn't quite the heat I mean.

Shortly after we "met" our newest daughter, we took the three older girls in to the local Clerk of Court office to apply for their passports, so they can come to China to bring home their mei mei (big sister in Chinese). At that time the wait was about 10-12 weeks. YIKES! We could be close to traveling to China then! The kind lady assisting us wrote down late July for our travel dates, hoping that would "speed up" our process. Once our agency asks us to download our travel information (TP2), we'll need the girls' passports in enough time to apply for our visas to enter China. As I've been watching our adoption cyber-friends' journeys, it has occurred to me that we could get that coveted TP2 any time now...but maybe not for many weeks. We just don't know.

So, we are asking for our friends to pray that the passports would be in our mailbox unexpectedly quick. At least, before we need them! Will you join us?

Even so, we do trust that, as He has promised AND proven time and again, God's perfect timing is best. How awesome is it to rest in that?!

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lisa B :) said...

Will be praying! :) God is sovereign NO MATTER what! Worst case some of us take the girls to the airport to see Mei Mei in with you! Praying they get to fly with you...I know it means a lot to all of you! Enjoying your blog my friend! :)