Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Emerald's Escape and the Beach

ElvenMaiden here again! I am wrting about some of the cool things that we did while the Whites were here. First I will introduce them:

Pa White, Ma White........................and Eli



These boys are practically brothers to us Brown girls. When they lived here, we homeschooled with them (and two other awesome families). These families did a whole lot together, and still do when the Whites come back to visit. Lately, the kids of these four families, plus one more family from church, made a movie called Emerald's Escape 2. It is about a royal family who goes through MANY adventures trying to keep the throne out of the hands of their evil cousins! Here are some of the highlights from our filming adventure!

The cast and crew (excepting The Empress!)

Movie blood!

The two princesses!

Evil Edward!

Uhhhhh....Don't Ask!

And the other highlight of the White's visit was the many trips to the beach. Here are some pics.


lisa b :) said...

I LOVE These pictures! :) Thanks so much for sharing! HOW FUN for our whole family! :) Looks like y'all had a GREAT time with those beloved Whites! :)

Elijah said...

That was really a wonderful time that we spent with "ya'll". All the hard work making that movie really paid off, my relatives love it!!!!